3 Ways to Upcycle an Old Door


This week hard rubbish collections came to our suburb...

It's a perfect time to get upcycling and prevent a few things from reaching landfill. If you get creative there is always another use for those old items you never use anymore. 

All of the ideas here together cost under $50 and I now have some great new furniture to decorate and use in my home. 

So, here it is, 3 ways to upcycle an old door...


1. Build a Desk

Ever wanted a huge 2m long desk to spread out and make all your upcycling projects on (or work/study I guess)?

The drawers were picked up from a garage sale, and the legs were also from hard rubbish. The only other things needed was a bit of glue, some screws, filler and a tin of sample paint. All up it cost less than $50 - cheaper than a brand new desk, and with heaps more character and sustainability points too.


2. Make a Door handle coat hanger

For this one, we also found an old unwanted log and cut it to shape, a bit of sanding and stain then it was good to go! Depending on the look you want, any type of wood or other material would work here - it could even be painted to match the room it's in. To attach the door handles, we simply used some glue and let it dry for a while. Depending on the handles you have, and how thick your wood is, you may even be able to use some screws for added strength.

The possibilities for this one are endless - use smaller handles to make a holder for keys - or use it to hang bags, or pots and pans in the kitchen.

3. grow your own food in an upcycled Veggie box

This one needed two doors - one made the base and the two smaller sides, and the other made the two longer sides. Simply cut it all to shape and screw it together! We also added in a few holes in the bottom for drainage and have sat it on top of some old bricks. 

This garden bed is the perfect size for most vegetables - we've started growing beans, spinach, lettuce, beetroot and snow peas in it!


If you have a go at any of these ideas, or come up with some of your own we'd love to hear about it! Get in touch on social media or send us an email!