Socks can change the world. And so can you.


Look good. Do good.

Each pair of Sockos socks represents a different Sustainable Development Goal and partners with an awesome organisation working towards it.


Ethically produced, bamboo socks. We aim to be sustainable in everything we do, right down to our recycled envelopes your Sockos arrive in!


Help support the causes you love! Each sock partners with an organisation who is doing cool things towards a Sustainable Development Goal. Every pair sold donates $3 to that organisation


Awesome designs that represent the Sustainable Development Goals so you can show the world what you believe in and start conversations.

So what are the Sustainable Development Goals?

sustainable goals.png

The Sustainable Development Goals were set by the UN in 2015 and are made up of 17 targets which aim to end poverty, fix climate change and promote equality by 2030. It's a bold goal, and we need everyone's help to achieve it. 

If you want to read more about the SDGs you can read some of our blogs or check out their official website here.



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