Our Story

Along the way Sockos has had support from so many people, friends, family, mentors and partner organisations. We  couldn't have gotten to where we are today without their help. 

We believe that it takes a whole community to achieve something great - and that's the reason why we started Sockos. As citizens in today's society it can get a bit overwhelming, there are so many worthy causes to support but often we don't know where to start or what we can do every day beyond making a donation. Sockos is looking to change that. It is our mission to connect you with the Sustainable Development Goals, and the community behind them, allowing you to take your own steps to end poverty, fix climate change and promote equality.

So why socks?

You're right, at first it may be seen as an odd choice, and it probably is, but that's what made them such a great choice. When you see someone wearing bright, bold socks, you can't help but notice or point them out - its an easy conversation starter you can take with you wherever you go, a flyer for your feet. And every time you open your sock drawer, you are reminded of the cause those socks represent and the steps that you as an individual can take to have a real impact. 

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a pair of socks

Our vision

We want to create a world where individuals feel like they can make a difference, and where everyone is working together as a community to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.  We want to live in a world free from poverty, climate change and inequality. A world where we can look back and say we have achieved the Sustainable Development Goals.

sustainable goals.png

The Sustainable Development Goals were set by the UN in 2015 and are made up of 17 targets which aim to end poverty, fix climate change and promote equality by 2030. It's a bold goal, and we need everyone's help to achieve it. 

If you want to read more about the SDGs you can read some of our blogs or check out their official website here.