The Power of Youth

On Monday the 17th of October, 3 of the Sockos founders had the privilege of attending the National Youth Summit on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This conference brought together 100 passionate representatives from some of Australia's leading youth organisations and student associations with the aim of facilitating collaborative action towards the achievement of the SDGs in Australia.

Three of our co-founders, Jaime, Francie and Elle at the conference

Three of our co-founders, Jaime, Francie and Elle at the conference

At this event we met and spoke to heaps of passionate young people, all determined to see the SDGs be fulfilled. 

Many different topics were discussed throughout the day, but for me, there were 3 key takeaways.


1. Youth are full of creativity

We need to embrace and use it to our advantage. Often, young people can find it difficult to break into new industries, get high paying jobs or have their voice heard without the years of experience to back them up. But experience isn't everything, have confidence in yourself, your ideas and your opinions. Take risks with new, innovative, ideas. 


2. There is no right or wrong way, but we need to work together

Throughout the day we spoke to many people who were in one way or another, doing similar things or working towards the common goal. Even though they had the same goals though, they were essentially competing with each other. Just imagine the difference it would make if we all connected with each other, formed partnerships and pooled our resources. The progress we would make would be phenomenal.


3. Any person or group, no-matter how small, can make a difference

During the day, there was constant live-tweeting. With only 100 people in the room we had started trending on Twitter by lunchtime. There were only 100 of us, and for a while, we were front and centre on the Twitter stage. Now, I'll agree, it's easier said than done to get a group of 100 people together who are passionate about the same things. But, if you talked to 2 friends about an issue you are passionate about, and each of those two friends talk to 2 of their friends and so on, you would have reached 100 people very quickly.

Obligatory group selfie after the event

Obligatory group selfie after the event

Growing up, we are often made to feel as though our voices as youth aren't as strong as those around us. But we are slowing breaking down this stereotype. In their article, why we need young people to help transform their communities, Sam Siamak and Anastasiya Kostomarova discuss the entrepreneurial trends among millennials, stating that they are "leading entrepreneurship charts across the globe, opening more businesses and creating thousands of jobs."

There is always something you can do to get involved in the movement and no action or voice is insignificant. If you're looking for inspiration check out this article on 6 things young people can do to change the world or check out our projects page to read about some of the awesome causes our socks support! 

And as always, don't hesitate to reach on social media and share your ideas! You never know, your creativity could be the start of something amazing.


Till next time

- Elle